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About me

Who am I? Someone who Tanks for fun. I joined game in one of the first Open Beta events and later returned during "Welcome Back" weekend right after ESO turned from P2P to B2P.

Right at beginning, when creating first character I was dead set on becoming a professional Tank, Heavy Armors, taking head on the biggest and scariest boss and taking all the beating on yourself, being protector of group. This is my thing and thats why i simply Love Tanking.

Started as a Newb, never playinig a "real" MMO before, today I stand as a Tankimus Maximus, member of one of the best PC NA endgame trial guilds, capable of tanking any content in game, including feats like Hard Mode Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj or breaking Leaderboard scores. As my name suggest, I main Tank, Stamina Dragonknight but I have other characters (magicka Templar, magicka Nightblade and another stamina Dragonknight, all DPS).

While making my way through ESO I noticed that Tank seems to be less popular role, or rather there is less Tanks in ESO than Dps/Healers because of how dungoen/trial composition looks like (untill now rarely there was a reason to take more than 1 Tank while Dps were required in number of 8+) and because of that there is much less online resources on "How to Tank X Dungeon/Y Boss" when compared to all sorts of Dps builds and guides related to that. For this reason and my affinity to Tanking I started my work on helping other players and share My Tanking Experience with them.

On my Youtube Channel /c/DargusTankimusMaximus you can find a growing collection of Tanking playthrough guides, focused on explaining specific Boss fights and Dungeons, mechanics but also some general aspects of Tanking.

The second thing I enjoy most after Tanking is... Crafting! I just like to know everything and be able to make everything. After mastering arts of crafting in ESO I started offering my services to other players and thus Darg's Crafting Emporium was created.

Each week providing players with custom equipment, helping Them with the final touch to Their build, many times offering advice what kind of set They should get or even giving them a hands on crash course to ESO when a player approaches me with "Hey, I just started game and I like staves and spells can you help me pick gear?"

With Homestead Update crafting services were extend to furniture crafting. With over 2000 total new items avaliable a special furniture catalogue was created (avaliable on my website) to help players find exactly what they need.

About Real Me...

I live in Poland (and play on North American Megaserver, thats why you find me online in game at these weird hours...). I like cats, sailing and everything related to general Information Technology, Electronics, Robotics (I'm sturdying Mechatronics).

Dargus Tankimus Maximus Master Crafter

"I'm a simple Tank, I see Boss,
I Pierce Armor." ~Dargus T. M.

Dargus Tankimus Maximus Tanking

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