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Hello Traveler! You reached this far, this means you probably checked out my whole site, found my furniture catalogue, visited my Youtube channel with tanking guides and videos and you read about my equipment crafting services.

Im constaly improving my website, adding new features to make it more useful. Thats why any feedback is important. Do you think something should be changed? Have feature request? Or maybe you just want to say "hi" ;)?

In that case there are multiple ways to contact me. First and best way to do so is to simply whisper me/mail in Elder Scrolls Online game (only if you play on PC NA), my username is @DargusMaximus Due to my play shedule, mails sent past 5PM EST will be answered not sooner than next day.

If you want you can send me private message on Twitter or send message on YouTube.

As a last form of contacting me, You can use this contact form below. All the fields in form are optional, You don't need to provide Your name/email address or anything unless You specifically want me to contact You back.

Keep in mind, this site is hosted on a free webhost so there might be problems with mail delivery, thats why I suggest contacting me directly in game.



Dargus Tankimus Maximus
Dargus Tankimus Maximus
Dargus Tankimus Maximus