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List of all craftable sets with their special bonuses.

Links helpful when picking crafted equipment

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Visual database of all in game styles.

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EQUIPMENT crafting services - North american PC megaserver

how to order:


Contact @DargusMaximus in game (whisper/mail) with a list of items you want and wait for contact from my side

(timezone difference, rarely playing past 6PM EST)


Please include full list and specs of equipment you want. I'll reply with pricelist.

Crafting, smithing and making items was one of my first interests in Elder Scrolls Online. Thats why right after finishing all research Darg's Crafting Emporium started selling custom equipment.

Crafted equipment is offered in:

  • Any type of item: medium, light, heavy, weapons, shields;
  • Any craftable set including DLC and Expansion exclusive sets;
  • Any style including Stalhrim Frostcaster and Grim Harlequin (Crown Store Exclusives);
  • Any level and quality (white, green, blue, purple, gold);
  • Any trait out of the 9 avaliable for weapons/armors including nirhnohed;

In addition every piece of equipment can be enchanted (max resources, prismatic enchants, damage and any other enchant you need). Basically, I can equip you from head to toes and send out all ready into combat! Don't know what to wear? Asking you just few simple questions I'll prepare equipment of your dreams right on the spot.

Bring your own materials is also avaliable - ill gladly craft using buyers own materials charging only small crafting fee that becomes lower as you buy more items at once:

1st item 2000g; 2nd item 1750g; 3rd item 1500g; 4th item 1250g; 5th item and each next 1000g;

If you want to be informed about newest motifs, follow me on Twitter

When requesting equipment pricelist via in-game mail, please include all information requested below, it will geartly speed up process of crafting/calculating price:

- Item Set/Item Type/Item level/Item Style/Item Trait


- Armor Master/Heavy Pants/CP160/Ebon/Sturdy/Stamina

- Twice Born Star/Medium Head/CP150/Any/Divines

- Twice Born Start/Light all but head and shoulders/CP160/Any/Divines

- Magicka DPS/Full set light + staves/lvl10/Any/Training

Information about enchant can be added like "10x Max Magicka, 1x Jewelery Spell Damage" or included in template above after item trait.

Discounts will apply for bulk orders (of same sets).