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ESO update 2.7.5 on 6th Febuary 2017 introduced Homestead - players can buy houses and furnish them up to theirs heart content. To make turning your house into a Home, easier and faster, Darg's Crafting Emporium started selling crafted furniture and this furniture catalogue was created. Currently over 1050 of different items are for sale, extensively catalogued with a search engine that lets you find exactly what you are looking for.


Each item entry contains following information:

  • Full sized item preview and name;

  • Item category and subcategory;

  • Price in gold (includes all materials);

  • Interactability of item (sittable, light etc.);

  • Size of item (tiny, small, standard, large, huge);

  • Quality of item (white, green, blue, purple, gold);

Furniture catalogue is constanty kept UP TO DATE, this includes both CONTENT (new items are added on weekly basis) and PRICES (obviously when materials become cheaper, all furniture becomes cheaper).


Furniture can be creafted also with your own materials! If you have everything to make a piece of furniture I'll just charge small fee based on how many items you buy (bulk discounts):

  • 1st item 2000g;

  • 2nd item 1750g;

  • 3rd item 1500g;

  • 4th item 1250g;

  • 5th item and each next 1000g.

Want to be up to date with new catalogue additions? Follow me on Twitter

how to order:

Contact @DargusMaximus in game (mail/whisper) with list of items you want and wait for contact from my side.

(timezone difference, rarely playing past 6PM EST)


C.O.D orders avaliable to players with history of successful purchases (be wary of postage fee 5%)


Bulks discounts and Bring Your Own Mats Avaliable.

Dargus Tankimus Maximus
Dargus Tankimus Maximus
Dargus Tankimus Maximus
Dargus Tankimus Maximus