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Playing Elder Scrolls Online is my Hobby and all the content I make for You (Tanking Guides and Videos, maintaining furniture catalogue) is work I do because I enjoy doing it, not to make serious money out of it, but neverthless creating all of it takes time, time that I need to share with real life duties, my studies and jobs. Thats why I'm open up for any forms of support from Your side. You can do something as simple as Subscribing to my Youtube channel. If You feel Generous you can donate via Paypal if You want to (there is no set amount, you decide how much).

Your support will be used to expand content creation, improving my video recordings and equipment as well as support me financially.


If you would rather donate in-game this is also appreciated. You can mail to @DargusMaximus on the NA PC/MAC megaserver (inlcude in title that its donation).

But be sure, whatever happens I'll always keep providing more videos and guides for free. Thank you for considering and have a good day!