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The adventures of Dargus Maximus

Tanking, Dungeons, Trials and Endgame PVE from a prespective of Tank - this is what my youtube channel focuses on. 

The videos I upload are playthrough guides of veteran dungeons, veteran trials and hardmodes. They highlight and explain important trial/dungeon mechanics in live commentray (requires turning on CC/subtitles). On my channel  You will find full runs, boss encounter or videos dedicated to selected most difficult boss mechanics.

All of them are recorded from my runs on ESO PC North American Server in best quality I can provide.

But one cannot live just with tanking, ocassionaly I'll upload a non-tanking realted guide, post some funny videos or maybe a run recorded on my alt DPS. Achievement guides are also videos you can find on my channel.

Do You enjoy ESO PVE content? Want to get into trial tanking and looking for useful tips? Looking for specific trial/boss mechanic explanation?

If You answered Yes to one of these questions then im sure You will find my youtube channel enjoyable and helpful! 

Tanking calculators

Stamina/Magicka Block Cost

Basic Damage Mitigation

Block Cost calculator cheatsheet/tips:

  • for Enchant/Sturdy input field please enter total reduction across all pieces that you are wearing;

  • legendary/epic CP160 Sturdy trait 4%/3.5% reduction;

  • CP160 legendary/epic Shield-Play enchant 203/191 reduction;

Damage Mitigation calculator cheatsheet/tips:

  • Calculator can output both Spell Mitigation and Physical Mitigation but keep in mind some types of Bonus Mitigation might apply only to Physical attacks (Spear Wall) and some of them apply only when actively Blocking (Iron Skin). For Other Mitigation Sources do not sum up different sources, enter them separately.

  • Sources of Damage Mitigation: Nord Racial passive 6%, Minor/Major Protection (Veil, COP, Pirate Set) 8/30%; Dragonknight Standard 15%; Footman's Fortune/Cyrodiil Ward 8% (only when blocking);